Рефераты по иностранным языкам

History of Hockey

29 Ноября 2013, реферат

Hockey is often called the sport of space velocities. Puck flying over the area , rush hockey players , the attack succeeds the attack, one or the other goalkeeper parries the strongest throws. And again - go ahead , to assault the opponent's goal . The game is faster , every 40 - 50 seconds replacing . It is difficult to keep track of the puck , and the rates are increasing , and there seems to be a limit to them ..
Enormous speed hockey stars , and yet most incomprehensible in this game - the players speed tactical thinking , the ability to instantly understand the ever-changing situations and take the best and most unexpected opponent decision.

History of the spreading of English in the world

19 Сентября 2013, курсовая работа

The purpose of the study - to analyze the influence of society on the development and dissemination of the English language in general. Objectives of work:
1. Explore the historical stages of English language development in terms of linguistic and extralinguistic factors,
2. See the basic facts spread of English around the world.

House of Tudors

09 Октября 2013, реферат

The Tudors are the most famous English royal dynasty, their name remaining at the forefront of European history thanks to films and television. Of course, the Tudors wouldn’t feature in the media without something to grab people’s attention, and the Tudors – Henry VII, his son Henry VIII and his three children Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth, only broken by the nine day rule of Lady Jane Grey – comprise two of England’s most famous monarchs, and three of the most highly regarded, each with plenty of fascinating, sometimes inscrutable, personality.

How to overcome alcohol abuse?

23 Декабря 2013, сочинение

Alcohol abuse among the elderly is a widespread problem all over the world. It is hard to discover by medical providers, because many of these people have been abusing alcohol secretly for years. People are unlikely to admit that they have problems with alcohol, especially during an ordinary health care visit. There are many reasons why people drink and the same amount of the effects, which can be negative and we should undertake a number of solutions in order to prevent dangerous influence of alcohol on our life.

Human Genetics and Hereditary Diseases

17 Сентября 2015, практическая работа

Many people are now aware that genetic information is contained in chromosomes. Scientists have learned to distinguish and differentiate segments within chromosomes. Therefore, we are able not only to distinguish each chromosome be its size and shape, but to recognize every segment within it. In diagnostics it is easy to distinguish chromosomes with additional or missing segments. This enables us to associate a hereditary disease with a specific defect in a chromosome and identify the segment responsible foe the disease. This is a breakthrough in science. It helps to understand the molecular mechanisms of hereditary diseases, distinguish the genes which determine hereditary diseases and comprehend their mechanics.

I work for telecommunication company Megafon

04 Ноября 2013, контрольная работа

Now I work as a PR manager. I’m responsible for concluding contracts with big companies. I negotiate with the representatives of different firms and offer them our services in telephoning and internet. I also deal with the advertising of our services. My work is to organize different advertising actions among the local residents. Once a half-year we make such actions as “Megapolzuni” – that is a race for little children, we take part in social events, for example hockey matches, where we are the partners and give presents.

Il faut réformer l'enseignement de l'economie

22 Октября 2014, доклад

Аu printemps de l'année 2000, quelques étudiants de l'Ecole normale supérieure signaient une pétition, dans laquelle ils demandaient une réforme de l'enseignement de l'économie à l'université et dans les grandes écoles.
Dans leur lettre ouverte du printemps 2000, des étudiants en économie énoncent trois grandes raisons de leur mécontentement à propos de l'enseigne,enseignement dispensé.

In financial acconting

15 Мая 2015, творческая работа

In financial accounting, a balance sheet or statement of financial position is a summary of the financial balances of a sole proprietorship, a business partnership, a corporation or other business organization, such as an LLC or an LLP. Assets, liabilities and ownership equity are listed as of a specific date, such as the end of its financial year. A balance sheet is often described as a "snapshot of a company's financial condition". Of the three basic financial statements, the balance sheet is the only statement which applies to a single point in time of a business' calendar year.

Incorrect posture and spinal deformities among pupils in the USA

30 Мая 2012, научная работа

The problem of incorrect posture and spinal curvature is directly related to the level of economic development, and therefore it would be very interested to know whether the problem is acute in the United States. Contemporary domestic and academical person’s behaviour is so, that sitting position is the most widespread for it. In a wheelchair, at the desk, on the couch, in a car, people take this forced attitude.

Industrial Revolution

13 Мая 2013, сочинение

Manchester's history is concerned with textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution. The great majority of cotton spinning took place in the towns of south Lancashire and north Cheshire, and Manchester was for a time the most productive centre of cotton processing, and later the world's largest marketplace for cotton goods. Manchester was dubbed "Cottonopolis" and "Warehouse City" during the Victorian era. In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the term "manchester" is still used for household linen: sheets, pillow cases, towels, etc.
Manchester began expanding "at an astonishing rate" around the turn of the 19th century as part of a process of unplanned urbanisation brought on by the Industrial Revolution.


27 Февраля 2014, доклад

Inflation is generally defined as a persistent rise in the general price level with no corresponding rise in output, which leads to a corresponding fall in the purchasing power of money.
In this section we shall look briefly at the problems that inflation causes for business and consider whether there are any potential benefits for an enterprise from an inflationary period.

Instant-start computers possible with new breakthrough

02 Марта 2015, реферат

If data could be encoded without current, it would require much less energy and make things like low-power, instant-on computing a ubiquitous reality. Scientists have made a breakthrough in that direction with a room-temperature magnetoelectric memory device. Equivalent to one computer bit, it exhibits the holy grail of next-generation nonvolatile memory: magnetic switchability, in two steps, with nothing but an electric field.

Intercultural communication

12 Июня 2013, доклад

Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future. ~ Albert Camus
Culture is a learned pattern of behavior, and is a way in which a person lives his life. It is an integral part of every society, and creates a feeling of belonging and togetherness among the people of that society. Culture encompasses various aspects of communication, attitude, etiquette, beliefs, values, customs, norms, food, art, jewelry, clothing styles, etc. Every society has a different culture, which gives it an identity and uniqueness.

International character of school violence

19 Июля 2013, реферат

Данная работа посвящена проблеме школьного насилия. Правительство в 1989 году обнаружило, что 2 процента учителей применяют физическую агрессию. В 2007 году опрос 6000 учителей профсоюза учителей NASUWT обнаружили, что более 16% утверждали, что подвергались физическому нападению со стороны студентов в предыдущие два года. На основе полицейской статистики, в 2007 году было зарегистрировано более 7000 случаев полиции, привлекаемых к борьбе с насилием в школах в Англии.

International Economic

14 Октября 2012, контрольная работа

One of the main characteristics of the global market is its environment. In a broad sense, refers to the specific situation on the state in the market, was formed under the influence of the aggregate of a number of factors konyunkturoobrazuyuschih

International tourism

07 Июня 2013, реферат

International tourism - one of the most profitable and rapidly growing sectors of the world economy. By the beginning of the third millennium, the share of international tourism accounted for 8% of the total world exports and 30-35% of the world exports of services
According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), which is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of travel and tourism, the tourism industry shows the biggest increase among the world's economic sectors. In the past 16 years, revenues from international tourism are increasing by about 9%. In 2000, the revenue from it reached 476 billion dollars over the same period, the number of arrivals has grown annually by an average of 4.6% and in 2000 reached 698 million.

Introduction into stylistics

11 Апреля 2014, курс лекций

The subject of stylistics hasn't so far been definitely outlined. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all there is a confusion between the terms style and stylistics. The first term is so broad that it is hardly possible to regard it as a term. We speak of style in architecture, literature, behaviour, linguistics, dress and other fields of human activity. Even in linguistics the word style is used so widely that it needs interpretation.

Ira Levin

30 Апреля 2012, реферат

Ira Levin (August 27, 1929 – November 12, 2007) was an American author, dramatist and songwriter.
Levin attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to attending Drake, Levin also attended the Horace Mann School, from which he graduated, and New York University, where he majored in philosophy and English.

Isaac Newton

18 Апреля 2015, доклад

Father - Isaac Newton, a wealthy farmer, who died before his son was born. Mother - Hannah Eyskou, after the death of her husband remarried and abandoned son upbringing. The future scientist was born so painful that relatives believed that he would not survive, but Isaac lived to a ripe old age. Anna had three more children, but from his second marriage. Isaac was engaged exclusively in her brother, William Eyskou.

Jack London

05 Июня 2013, лекция

John Griffith "Jack" London (born John Griffith Chaney, January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916) was an American author, journalist, and social activist. He was a pioneer in the then-burgeoning world of commercial magazine fiction and was one of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity and a large fortune from his fiction alone. He is best remembered as the author of Call of the Wild and White Fang, both set in the Klondike Gold Rush, as well as the short stories "To Build a Fire", "An Odyssey of the North", and "Love of Life". He also wrote of the South Pacific in such stories as "The Pearls of Parlay" and "The Heathen", and of the San Francisco Bay area in The Sea Wolf.London was a passionate advocate of unionization, socialism, and the rights of workers and wrote several powerful works dealing with these topics such as his dystopian novel, The Iron Heel and his non-fiction exposé, The People of the Abyss.

John Cabot

05 Февраля 2014, реферат

John Cabot, an Italian sea captain in the pay of the British, discovered Canada in 1497, five yearJohn Cabot, an Italian sea captain in the pay of the British, discovered Canada in 1497, five years after Columbus discovered America. He planted a huge cross on the shore and sailed home, with the news that he had reached north east China , the land of the Great Khan , and that the sea was full of fish.

John Rockefeller

26 Сентября 2013, доклад

In 1917, his personal income was about 2.5% of total U.S. GDP, despite he started his career as a simple clerk.
John Rockefeller was born in New York in 1839. But his family moved to Pennsylvania. I must say that it was the key moment for the future of the Rockefeller’s Foundation, as the earth of Pennsylvania turned out to be extremely rich in oil resources. He wasn’t a boy from a wealthy family. His mother was a devout woman, but father wasn’t a good example of a husband or just a family man.

Judicial system of the RF, GB and USA

10 Октября 2012, контрольная работа

In all legal systems there are institutions for modifying, interpreting and applying the law. Usually these take the form of a hierarchy of courts as a branch of government established to administer justice. The role of each court and its capacity to make decisions is strictly defined in relation to other courts. There are two main reasons for having a variety of courts.

Klinical anatomy and phisiology of the nose, paranasal sinuses and pharynx

06 Ноября 2013, реферат

You should prepare for the practical class using the existing textbooks and lectures. Special attention should be paid to the following: Describe the basic structures of the external nose;
Describe the basic structures of the nasal cavity;
Describe the blood and nerve supply of the external and internal nose;
Describe the clinical physiology the nasal cavity
Describe the basic structures of the paranasal sinuses.
Describe the clinical physiology the paranasal sinuses

Konstantin Dmitrijewitsch Ushinsky

24 Сентября 2014, реферат

Konstantin Dmitrijewitsch Ushinsky am 19. Februar geboren (2. März) im Jahr 1824 in Tula Familie Dmitry G. Ushinskogo - pensionierter Offizier, ein Mitglied des Vaterländischen Krieges von 1812, des Landadels.Konstantins Mutter Dmitrijewitsch - Lyubov S. starb, als er 12 Jahre alt war.


13 Января 2014, контрольная работа

Jeden Tag verliert ein Erwachsener über Harn, Haut, Atem und Kot je nach Alter 2 bis 2,5 Liter Wasser. Die gleiche Menge Flüssigkeit muss der Körper im selben Zeitraum wieder aufnehmen. Nur so ist sichergestellt, dass er ausreichend mit Flüssigkeit versorgt ist, die Körpertemperatur reguliert und die Schadstoffe ausgeschieden werden können. Denn obwohl Wasser ein Grundbestandteil des menschlichen Körpers ist, verfügt der Mensch nur über kurzfristig einsetzbare Wasserreserven.

Konzepte zur Befriedigung des Energiebedarfs

21 Января 2013, реферат

Die gegenwärtige Auseinandersetzung um die richtige Politik für die künftige Versorgung mit Energie ist der streit zweier weltanschaulicher schulen,einer technokratischen,die den Durchbruch aus unseren Nöten nach vorn erzwingen will,und einer ökologischen,die den bisherigen Fortschritt der Technik zu immer gewagteren Unternehmungen für einen Irrweg hält und einfache Versorgungsstrukturen wiederherstellen möchte. Deshalb ist im folgenden von ökologen und Technokraten die Rede, und auch von dem harten und sanften Weg in der Energiefrage.

La journée de travail féminine et masculine en France

27 Ноября 2011, творческая работа

La législation du temps de travail est très règlementée :
35 heures de travail par semaine,
5 semaines de congés payés par an,
11 jours fériés,
congés de maternité pour les femmes
et congé de paternité pour les hommes.

La mère à qui l'on annonce la mort de son fils

17 Марта 2013, реферат

Et la pauvre mère voyait son fils roulé dans les eaux troubles de la Seine, le corps raide et horriblement gonflé; en même temps, elle le voyait tout petit dans son berceau, lorsqu'elle chassait la mort penchée sur lui. Elle l'avait mis au monde plus de dix fois, elle l'aimait pour tout l'amour qu'elle lui témoignait depuis trente ans. Et voilà qu'il mourait loin d'elle, tout d'un coup, dans l'eau froide et sale, comme un chien. Elle se rappelait alors les chaudes couvertures au milieu desquelles elle l'enveloppait. Que de soins, quelle enfance tiède, que de cajoleries et d'effusions tendres, tout cela pour le voir un jour se noyer misérablement ! A ces pensées, madame Raquin sentait sa gorge se serrer; elle espérait qu'elle allait mourir, étranglée par le désespoir. (E. zola, Thérèse Raquin.)

Land uses in the Great Britain

21 Апреля 2013, реферат

Situated in north-western Europe, lying to the north of France and west of the Netherlands (1) and Denmark (2), the United Kingdom, known popularly as Great Britain, is 244,786 sq. km (94,512 sq. miles).
It is situated on the British Isles. There are 5,500 islands. The two main islands are Great Britain and Ireland.
The British Isles are separated from Europe by the Strait of Dover (3) and the English Channel. The British Isles are washed by the North Sea in the East and the Atlantic Ocean in the West.