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Positive illusion and well being

01 Июля 2013, реферат

Definition of the term is the best way to start the process of the critical thinking about the topic. My topic is the influence of the positive illusion to the healthy behaviour. I will introduce the definition which will help me to develop my ideas in next few pages. Positive illusions are unrealistically favorable attitudes that people have towards themselves or to people that are close to them. Positive illusions are a form of self-deception or self-enhancement that feel good, maintain self-esteem or stave off discomfort at least in the short term. There are three broad kinds: inflated assessment of one's own abilities, unrealistic optimism about the future and an illusion of control (The term originates in a 1988 paper by Taylor and Brown). This topic became very interesting for me during my researching of the information for it.

Practice in tax department in almaty

09 Мая 2014, реферат

Division in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan , the Republic of Kazakhstan Tax Code , federal laws and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan , decrees and orders of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of legislative bodies of Almaty city and local governments adopted within their powers , orders , instructions and guidelines of the National Assembly and the Office of the National Assembly of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan in Almaty , as well as the present position .


10 Марта 2014, творческая работа

Prague, also known as Zlata Praha in the past, is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Situated on the bank of River Vltava in central Bohemia, the beautiful city of Prague is rich in history and lies in the heart of Europe.
Prague’s history goes into great depth and the city is renowned for having the largest ancient castle in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. Prague Castle rests amongst other countless cultural treasures in Prague’s possession, attracting millions of tourists every year.

Present Tense. Perfect tense.

18 Октября 2012, аттестационная работа

...использование настоящего совершенного времени

Press in Britain

30 Октября 2013, творческая работа

Compilation of the first printed messages attributed to Lord Burle in 1588 , when the Spanish armada appeared at the English coast . They had the characteristic features of newspapers and published under the title " English Merkur ".
The reliability of these data is very controversial , since more accurate information about the " English Mercury" have not survived , and seven newspapers , three and four printed manuscript held in the British Museum , and long considered the true copy of the " English Mercury" in 1839 were recognized as fraudulent , thanks to research Mr. Watts , the librarian of the British Museum .

Pricing strategies in the e-book market

09 Июня 2012, реферат

Due to the novelty of the market, we consider it necessary to evaluate the main patterns, players, and strategies that have been observed so far, both in the US, where the market is more developed, and in the EU and Russia, where the market is still in an initial phase. In both cases, the main feature which is going to be in the focus of our attention is the pricing arrangement in place between publishers and retailers (wholesale model vs. agency model).

Princess Diana

16 Июня 2014, доклад

Diana Frances Spencer was born on 1 July, 1961 in the estate of the Spencers in Norfolk. Diana's parents were from aristocratic families: her father's name is Viscount Althrop and her mother's name is Frances Roche. The ancestors of her father Earl Spencer were relatives of a royal dynasty. The mother had a noble title too. When Diana was six, her mother left the family and in 1969 the marriage of her parents was officially dissolved.
Diana was sent to the private school. She dreamt of being a ballerina, but, then, as she told herself, she had to give up this idea because it appeared that she was too tall for that. Diana studied at normal schools — at first in Norfolk, then in Kent. When she was 16 she left for Switzerland and finished school there. Having returned, she lived with her friends in London, earning as a cook or a nanny, and then found the job of a teacher in a kindergarten.

Principles of Scientific Management

22 Декабря 2013, реферат

Educated early by his mother, Taylor studied for two years in France and Germany and traveled Europe for 18 months. In 1872, he entered Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, with the plan of eventually going to Harvard and becoming a lawyer like his father. In 1874, Taylor passed the Harvard entrance examinations with honors, but poor eyesight forced him to consider an alternative career. And he became an apprentice patternmaker, gaining shop-floor experience that would inform the rest of his career. He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering through a highly unusual (for the time) series of correspondence courses at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Problem of pocket money

26 Октября 2012, доклад

Russian teens get an average of spending the equivalent of $ 24 a week. This follows from the survey that the marketing company TNS conducted in 2009-2010 as part of a large international study. The most "rich" were children in Norway ($ 149), the UAE ($ 129) and Finland ($ 124). The lowest income adolescents in Egypt ($ 6) and India ($ 4).

Problems of youth

13 Июня 2012, реферат

There are many young people in our country. Each of them has one's own view point on their life and their future. There are many problems which are common for all young people.For Example: how to spend their free time, what to do after school, choosing a profession, how to deal with girl and boy-friends and so on. The problem number one of most of the young people is the problem of fathers and sons

Product Catalogue

10 Ноября 2013, творческая работа

Baoding Jindi Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rebar mechanical splicing products & processed machines such as rebar coupler, thread rolling machine, cutting machine, bending machine, etc.
So far, our products have been selling to global market like Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Kenya, Libya, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, etc with the certificates of CE, GOST, ISO9001:2008, JGJ107-2010.

Production management

04 Мая 2013, реферат

This document’s goal is to identify and describe the way operation and production management practices can be used for the properties improvements and costs savings. As hotel companies manage and operate their business, they should focus on several strategies such to achieve the goal. There will be described in text how production management approaches influence hospitality industries.

Products, Services, and Brands: Building Customer Value

20 Ноября 2013, доклад

What Is a Product?
Product and Services Decisions
Branding Strategy: Building Strong Brands
Services Marketing

Profit Targets

17 Июня 2012, статья

Profit targets are a risk management method that many traders use. While setting profit targets can be a more conservative risk management method, many traders enjoy using profit targets because they are easy to implement, and they help a trader to remain disciplined in their trading. There are several ways to set profit targets and incorporate them into your daily trading.

Protecting cultural heritage resources

13 Мая 2013, реферат

Our marine cultural heritage is the story of our nation’s cultural connections to the sea. This includes the places and resources used by native American cultures to sustain themselves as well as the shipwrecks and other remnants of our nation’s long history with the sea. Many traditional cultures live near oceans and Great Lakes. These water supplied resources for making medicines, jewellery, provided for clothing and trading as well as food for sustenance.
That was a way of my ancestors. They lived off of the ocean. That’s their home estate to care of it. They only ate what was given to them, what was provided, they never took more. Our money, the ancestors’ money was made from shells. Even a small shell had a lot of value.

Protection de l'environnement

11 Декабря 2013, контрольная работа

Mais peut-on dire que tout le monde est heureux et a une bonne santé aujourd'hui dans notre Maison? Malheureusement, on ne peut pas l'affirmer. Dès temps anciens la nature fournit à l'homme tout, dont il a besoin: de l'air pour respirer, de la nourriture pour manger, de l'eau pour boire, du bois pour construire et du combustible pour chauffer la maison. Pendant plusieurs siècles les hommes vivaient en harmonie avec la nature. Il pourrait paraître que ses ressources sont inépuisables et illimités. C'est avec le début de la révolution industrielle que l'homme influence de plus en plus négativement la nature. De nos jours on trouve partout de grandes villes avec les usines et fabriques qui polluent l'atmosphère.

Proverbs, sayings of english language. Their value, the use and russian equivalents

13 Мая 2015, доклад

This work attempts to answer the following questions:
1. What functions do proverbs play in society (English and Russian)?
2. How do people in England use their proverbs, and why?
3. How are proverbs used in Russian society?
4. What is people's attitude towards proverbs in English and Russian societies?
5. What are the similarities and differences between English and Russian proverbs?
6. What suggestions can be drawn from this study?

Public finance

17 Октября 2014, лекция

Public finance is the study of the role of the government in the economy.
The proper role of government provides a starting point for the analysis of public finance. In theory, under certain circumstances, private markets will allocate goods and services among individuals efficiently (in the sense that no waste occurs and that individual tastes are matching with the economy's productive abilities). If private markets were able to provide efficient outcomes and if the distribution of income were socially acceptable, then there would be little or no scope for government. In many cases, however, conditions for private market efficiency are violated. For example, if many people can enjoy the same good at the same time, then private markets may supply too little of that good. National defense is one example of non-rival consumption, or of a public good.

Public holidays in the United Kingdom

05 Июня 2014, реферат

Public holidays in the United Kingdom are the public holidays observed in some or all of the countries of the United Kingdom. Most businesses and non-essential services are closed on public holidays, although an increasing number of retail businesses (especially the larger ones) do open on some of the public holidays

Queen Elizabeth Takes Historic Stand Against Discrimination

08 Апреля 2013, статья

Queen Elizabeth II is set to make history later today when she signs a new charter taking a stand against discrimination, which some have interpreted as tacit support of gay rights.
The 86-year-old matriarch will sign the agreement at a reception this evening to show her support. With the stroke of the pen, the queen will be making a symbolic pledge for equal rights for billions of people in 54 countries in the British Commonwealth around the world.

Questions of perfection of marketing activity are in hotel business

24 Ноября 2015, статья

Hotel business is the basic constituent of tourist industry. Development of internal and international tourism is largely related to the level of material and technical base of tourist enterprises, ramified and variety of their network, by quality and by volume of the services offered by a hotel. Hotel enterprises execute one of basic functions in the field of maintenance of tourists - provide them dwelling and domestic services during a trip. This type of business has the specific that distinguishes him not only from trading in commodities but also by services.

Reasons For Traveling

30 Октября 2014, творческая работа

There are many kinds of travel opportunities that some jobs can give and people are getting paid to travel around a country or even abroad. Some are not as glamorous as one might think because after all, these trips are for work and not for pleasure

Revocation of offer – a comparative view

09 Марта 2014, реферат

An offer is an expression of willingness to contract on certain terms, made with the intention that it shall become binding as soon as it is accepted by the person to whom it is addressed. Revocation refers to the canceling or annulling of that offer.

The binding force of an offer has been one of the most controversial and debated issues in uniform laws. The controversy arises from the fact that the issue is treated in a different manner in different legal systems and that different parties might apply different domestic legal systems.

Rewards and Motivation

15 Мая 2013, контрольная работа

As mentioned above, rewards fall into two categories: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic rewards come from the organization as money, perquisites, or promotions or from supervisors and co-workers as recognition. Intrinsic rewards accrue from performing the task itself, and may include the satisfaction of accomplishment or a sense of influence. The process of work and the individual’s response to it provide the intrinsic rewards. But the organization seeking to increase intrinsic rewards must provide a work environment that allows these satisfactions to occur, therefore, more organizations are redesigning work and delegating responsibility to enhance employee involvement.

Role of the state in becoming of mass media

06 Марта 2014, курсовая работа

На современном этапе СМИ в России это совокупность предприятий, учреждений и организаций, занимающихся сбором, обработкой и распространением массовой информации по каналам печатной продукции, радио, телевидения, кинематографа, звуко- и видеозаписей. СМИ и связанные с ними новейшие информационные и компьютерные технологии, в том числе и все более внедряющийся в быт россиян Интернет, используемые в политической сфере, могут способствовать расширению возможностей реального участия самых широких слоев населения в политическом процессе. СМИ вводят человека в мир политики, тех политических ценностей, которые становятся господствующими с точки зрения государственной власти. При этом сам процесс ввода информации направлен на формирование у различных групп граждан хотя бы минимума согласия по основным вопросам государственной политической стратегии. Являясь фактором формирования политической культуры, СМИ выступает в качестве наиболее эффективного инструмента познания человеком мира политики.

Roots of Democracy in the USA

25 Декабря 2014, реферат

Speaking at the dedication of a national cemetery at Gettysburg in the midst of a great civil war fought to preserve the United States as a country, President Lincoln gave us in his ringing conclusion perhaps the best-known definition of democracy in American history. By "government of the people, by the people, and for the people," he meant, the essentials of democratic government he so well described are applicable to all nations that aspire to a democratic society.

Russian society was in the midst

18 Ноября 2014, реферат

In the mid-1990s, Russian society was in the midst of a painful transition from a totalitarian structure to protodemocracy unknown character. During much of the Soviet era, the society is atomized, so that the communist regime and its "belts" (officially sanctioned organizations and institutions of all kinds, from trade unions to youth groups) can completely control and manage each person. Civil society can not exist. Control

Schools in Great Britain

11 Августа 2013, реферат

Great Britain does not have a written constitution, so there are no constitutional provisions for education. The system of education is determined by the National Education Acts.
Schools in Great Britain are supported from public funds paid to the local education authorities. These local education authorities are responsible for organizing the schools in their areas. There are wide variations between one part of the country and another. For most educational purposes England and Wales are treated as one unit, though the system in Wales is a little different from that of England. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own education system.

Science and technology in the UK

12 Февраля 2014, реферат

Science plays a great part in our life. It develops our society and everything we have today is the result of the development of science and technology. Science includes a lot of trends: physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and others. Whereas science is connected with understanding how and why things happen, technology deals with making things happen.
Many centuries ago people had no a single idea how to use the nature. In fact they were afraid of it and couldn't take anything useful from it. They didn't know how to make a fire or how to build a house, they lived in their small world and they couldn't even imagine that our planet was full of interesting and useful things.

Seasons and weather in our parts

21 Апреля 2013, реферат

Winter begins in November, but we have the first snow and frosts already in October. Winters are quite cold here. The temperature can fall down to 35-40 degrees bellow zero. We have much snow. The river freezes. But Arkhangelsk is a port with all-the-years round navigation. Ice-breakers make channels for the ships to pass. But not all winters are typical. Sometimes it is abnormally warm (it is above 0). Snow and ice melt. There are even floods. It is a real disaster for people in villages when water comes to their houses. It happens due to global climate change.