Формирование критического мышления школьника при обучении чтению на уроках английского языка

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Уровень компьютеризации общества ХХI века делает бескрайнее информационное поле доступным каждому. Без преувеличения можно сказать, что умение своевременно получать необходимую информацию для принятия, после ее обработки и анализа, соответствующего решения - ключ к успеху в карьере и жизни современного человека. На первый план выходит задача развития критичности мышления. Сейчас необходимо не только овладеть информацией, но и критически ее оценить, осмыслить, применить. Встречаясь с новой информацией, учащиеся должны уметь рассматривать новые идеи вдумчиво, критически, с различных точек зрения, делая выводы относительно точности и ценности данной информации.


Введение 3
1 Теоретические основы развития критического мышления учащихся 5
1.1 Сущность понятия «критическое мышление» 5
1.2 Использование приемов, направленных на развитие критического мышления учащихся при обучении чтению на уроках английского языка………………………………..10
2 Методика обучения чтению на английском языке 15
2.1. Изучение состояния проблемы формирования критического мышления школьника при обучении чтению на уроках английского языка на практике в условиях современной школы………………………………………………… 15
2.2 Формирование навыков чтения с помощью приемов, направленных на развитие критического мышления……………………………………………...20
Заключение 26
Список используемой литературы 28

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Приложение  № 10

Текст к уроку  № 2.

Dear friends, people! You live on the one of the most beautiful planet - Earth. It is surrounded by water and shines blue in the space. Your planet servers as a home for different animals and plants and for you too, people. So many wonderful oceans and sees, wild woods and deserts, mountains and rivers can we see in the dark. A lot of peoples have a great dream to be Eathers and to breath the clean air. Stop the destroying of the wildlife and the spoiling of the environment in other way you will damage your planet. Many hundred years ago our planet was like your. But now…. Oh, now we haven’t chances for live!   

























Приложение  № 11

Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся




I Подготовительный этап


1)Организационный момент


2) Целеполагание


3)Речевая разминка


II Основной этап


Стадия вызова



















Стадия осмысления.




























































2) Релаксация








































Стадия рефлексии 

(рефлексия целого  текста)













III Заключительный этап

1)Подведение итогов




3) Объяснение домашнего  задания

























Вхождение в тему с  помощью вопроса. What types of engagements do you know?

What is a blind date?



Today we are going to read about it. The title of our story is «Blind love story»


Start reading the text. Чтение первой части рассказа. (4 мин) Первая остановка

Who is the main character of the story?

What do you think about her appearance, problems, dreams and life?

What are your predictions about the future situation of the story?

Continue Reading

(вторая остановка)


What had happened? Did you predict this or not?

What are your feelings about this part of the story?

Why was she nervous? To what extend do you understand the feelings of the girl, in what points you don’t? Why?

Can you mime her face when she saw HIM?

What does he look like, you think?

What will be further?





Continue Reading (третья остановка перед последним предложением)

 What do you feel about the last part of the story? Why?

What parts of the text prove your predictions, what parts don’t?

What sentence could be the best to close the story? Discuss it in pairs and present it to the group.

Read the real last sentence and compare it with our variants. Give your reasons.



What is the genre of the story? How can you prove?

Have you ever had your own experience of blind dates? Was it positive or negative? If not, then, would you like to have such kind of a date? Why?














-quick date

-the first meeting

-blind date


Blind date is an engagement between two persons who have not previously met.








Читают первую часть  текста.










-The girl is…






-I think that she is rather pretty, but she doesn’t like herself-it is her main problem.


To my mind she’ll meet a beautiful boy



Читают вторую часть текста.



Yes. I predicted that the girl will go on a blind date.


I am very worried about main character.



Because she didn’t know what he looked like.


И т.д.













Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы.

























I think the genre of the story is…..




I have got my own experience of blind dates. It was positive, we liked each other.












Приложение № 12

Текст к уроку №3.

I was going on my 2nd year out of high school, and I was finally becoming in touch with who I was. I didn't date much, I hung out with guy friends but nothing ever amounted a "boyfriend/girlfriend" relationship. I thought I was destined to be alone. I mean I had so many guy friends, but I wanted a boyfriend. Everyone told me I was so pretty and everything, but I didn't believe them. I used to think that I am never going to find a boyfriend I am too fat, I am ugly, what’s wrong with me! Well I had just started a new school (in January of 1999), lost some weight, and was beginning to think any guy would be lucky to date with me, I am a great person. So after a few months at my new school - no boyfriend. I once again lost hope.       первая остановка

Well I was at home one day and my cousin Chris has called me and said:      “ Listen there are these guys doing work at my office, there is this really cute one named Bill he is 18 going on 19 and he is so cute… Wanna meet him...?”                                                                Well I was a little skeptical.... she said email me your picture and I will show him and ask him. So I did uncaringly! She called me back and said that Bill wanted to meet me, so I was like ok, well what does he look like, he knows what I look like, I want to know what he looks like... so she said he looks like Matt Damon. I said Chris that it was impossible for me go out with someone who looks like Matt Damon. I DON'T THINK SO. So she said well and asked me to give him at least my number. I said yes, what’s the harm in talking to him. Well he called me that night at 8:00, from that night on every night at 8:00 Bill called me. Well, we talked from February 9th on and we decided to meet finally on March 2nd at Friday's at 8:00 pm. Well I was a complete nervous nearly the whole day, what was I going to wear, he knows what I look like, I don't know what he looks like, I can't do this, etc., etc., etc. Well my cousin picked me up at 7:30 and we went to Friday's (mind, everyone in her office was there as well for my blind date). I walked into the restaurant looked across the room and saw him. вторая остановка

The most beautiful man with the most wonderful smile I have ever seen. I walked up, introduced myself and everyone in the room disappeared. By the time I realized what was going on, we were on our way to a dinner and soon after on our way back to his house to watch a movie. We on March 17th we officially became a couple... six months later, we were on our first vacation together,  we have now been together for 3 years this March, we have made it through some trials and tribulations... we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together... All I have to say is Thank You Chris! You were right we are perfect together; he is my love, my heart, my soul mate, my everything.третья остановка

Hey, blind dates do work!!!!

Приложение  № 13.


Пример урока  в 8 классе по теме: «Домашнее чтение»


Цель: Совершенствование  навыков чтения.


Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся



I Подготовительный этап


1)Организационный момент


2) Целеполагание


3)Речевая разминка


II Основной этап


Стадия вызова




















Стадия осмысления























































2) Релаксация




Стадия рефлексии






















III Заключительный этап

1)Подведение итогов




3) Объяснение домашнего  задания












When and where J. London live?

Have you read any of his stories?

What were they about?

What were the characters like?

What do you know about him and his life?

Which of London’s novels are considered to be word-famous’



Read the text (Приложение №14) and think up ‘thin’ questions.

































think up ‘thick’ questions.

(учащиеся пока сами  не знают ответы на эти вопросы)















Учитель предлагает учащимся подумать о том, что нужно сделать, чтобы найти ответы на эти вопросы.


















He was born in 1876.

I’ve read his story ‘Martin Iden’. It is about….





I think it is White fank.








Who are the characters of the story?

When does the action of the story take place?

When did the Irvine live?

When did they find the dog?

Was it easy to win the dog’s love?

What was Skiff Miller?

Where did he come from?

What did he tell the Irvine about the dog?

Was it difficult for the dog to make the choice?



Why did Brown Wolf go with Miller?

Was his choice right or wrong to your mind?

What is the most important idea of this story?








Учащиеся предлагают пути решения проблемы.

We should understand what thought about the Irvine and Skiff Miller and what he felt; 
- We should analyze his feelings and thoughts; 
- We should imagine ourselves in the dog’s place and see the problem with his eyes.



Приложение  №14



Текст к уроку  №4


Brown Wolf” 
Walt Irvine and his wife Madge, who lived in a small cottage in the mountains, found a dog. He was thin and weak, but he did not let then touch him. He ate the food they gave him only after they had gone away. But when he was strong again, he disappeared. 
A few months later, when Irvine was in a train between California and Oregon, he looked out of the window and saw his dog running along the road, two hundred miles away from home. He got off the train at the nearest station, bought a piece of meat, caught the dog and took him home again. So Wolf, as they called him, came a second time to the mountain cottage. There he was tied up for a week. 
To win him became a problem, but Irvine liked problems. At the end of the week he tied a piece of thin bright metal round the dogs neck with the words: return to Walt Irvine, Glen Ellen, California. Then the dog was let go, and he disappeared. Few days later came a telegram. In twenty hours Wolf had run over a hundred miles to the north, and was still going when caught. 
This time, he was sent back by express train. He was tied up for three days, and was let go on the fourth. And he disappeared again. 
As soon as he was given his freedom he always ran north. He was always brought back weak and always ran away fresh and strong. 
At last the dog decided to stay at the cottage, but Irvine and his wife had to wait a long time before they could touch him. When at last he them do it, they said it was a great victory. The man and woman loved the dog very much; perhaps, it was because it had been such a task to win his love. 
One summer day, a man came to the cottage. He said his name was Skiff Miller. He had come from the North to visit his sister. 
As soon as the dog saw him, he ran to the man and licked his hands.  
“Wolf, Wolf, what are you doing?” said Madge. 
“His name isn’t Wolf,” Skiff Miller said. “It’s Brown. He was my dog. How long have you had him?” 
“How do you know he’s your dog?” Irvine asked. 
“Because he is,” said Madge. 
“The dog’s mine. Look here,” and Skiff Miller turned to the dog. “Brown! Right!” The dog turned to the right. Then Miller ordered the dog to do several other things that working dogs in the North are taught to do. 
“He was my best dog,” Skiff Miller said proudly. “If he hadn’t been my dog, he wouldn’t have learned to do all those things.” 
“But you are not going to take him away with you, are you?” 
Madge asked nervously. “Why not leave him here? He is happy. And what can you give him that northland life?”  
“Food, when I’ve got it, and that’s most of the time,” came the answer. 
“And the work?” 
“Yes, a lot of work,” Miller said. “Work without end, and cold – that’s what he’ll get when he comes with me. But he likes it. He knows that life. And you don’t know anything about it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s where the dog belongs, and that’s where he’ll be happiest.” 
“I don’t believe he’s your dog. Perhaps you have seen him sometime. Any dog in Alaska can be ordered to do things,” Walt said. 
“Maybe Mr. Miller is right,” his wife said. “I am afraid he is. Certainly Wolf answers to the name of “Brown”. And he was friendly towards Mr. Miller and licked his hands. You know that’s something he never did with anybody before.” 
“I suppose you’re right, Madge,” Walt said. “Wolf isn’t Wolf, but Brown, and I think he belongs to Mr. Miller” 
“Perhaps Mr. Miller will sell him,” she said. “We can buy him.” 
“I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” said Skiff Miller. “The dog was a good worker. He’s done a lot of work for me, and maybe he has got a right to choose. He must decide for himself. I’ll say good-bye and go away. If he wants to stay, he can, stay. If he wants to come with me, let him come. I won’t call him to come and don’t you call him to come back.” 
For some time Wolf watched Skiff Miller go, waiting for him to return. Then he ran after him and tried to stop him. Then the dog ran back to where Irvine and his wife sat and tried to make Irvine go to Miller. He wanted to be with his old master and the new one at the same time. At this moment Miller disappeared. 
The dog lay down at Irvine’s feet. Madge was happy, but a few minutes later the dog got up and ran away. He never turned his head. Quicker and quicker he ran along the road and in a few minutes was gone.





































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