Aesthetics as the Sign Marking Reality

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Everybody realizes that aesthetics is a very important thing as well as it is known what the beauty is. And at the same time everybody has his/her own image of beauty and ugliness.
Our report is devoted to the studies of epic forms. Epics stands in the centre of the collective mind in the period of sacred connection of a person with the world. Epics expresses the reflection of the ancient world-view (). We took two: Acadian Epics of Gilgamesh (IV – III т B C) and Karelian and Finnish Kalevala (). They were created at different periods of time in different regions and by different peoples. Besides we could not work with original texts but we dealt with the translations fulfilled by Dyakonov and Shaginan which are considered to be the best ones. How can we compare them? And are we allowed in fact to compare them?