Access to satellite and Internet television does more harm than good

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Many people have strong feelings about the value of television, especially now that programmes are available through satellite and over the Internet. There are those who suggest that increased access to these programmes does more harm than good. However, there are those who insist that is it a good thing.

People from the first category, claim that satellite and Internet TV has a lot of negative sides. For example, some available programmes may not be cultural appropriate. These types of programmes may cause some intellectual and cultural changes in people; people’s speech and vocabulary can get worse. Secondly, people (especially children) have access to programmes with unsuitable content. There are a lot of cases, when children watched inappropriate programmes, so parents were forced to ban these channels. Another bad thing about satellite and Internet TV is that it takes a lot of time. People become addicted, and want to watch TV more and more. In result, children don’t have time for homework and sports; adults have no time for hobbies, family etc.

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