1 Globalisation

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Presently gathers pace globalisation. Now more and more people argue: "what do globalisation do more harm or good?" The next issues tell us about globalisation. Philip Condit, chairman of Boeing, talks about the problems of turning Boeing into a global company.
In the last thirty years, Philip Condit says, not much has changed. The problem, he says, is not just that employees at Boeing think o

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№ 1 Globalisation.


     Presently gathers pace globalisation. Now more and more people argue: "what do globalisation do more harm or good?" The next issues tell us about globalisation. Philip Condit, chairman of Boeing, talks about the problems of turning Boeing into a global company.

     In the last thirty years, Philip Condit says, not much has changed. The problem, he says, is not just that employees at Boeing think of other countries as being exotic. They take the same attitude to anywhere in the US outside Seattle. Condit, who became Boeing's chairman in February, wants to change all that. Over the next 20 years, he wants Boeing to become a global rather than a US company. Philip Condit thinks that Boeing in a future would be an aerospace company and Boeing would be a “global enterprise”. And this would mean increasing the number of countries of operations.

     In my opinion, globalisation does more harm, because it could lead to big employment problems, it prevents governments from controlling their welfare systems and it creates cross-cultural problems. 

№ 2 Brands. 

     What is branding and why do we need brands? A brand can be a name, a term or a symbol. The brands guarantee a certain quality level. And brands should add value to products.

     But in our days increases the number of fakes. Calvin Klein, the New York fashion designer, is tired of piracy and has started a global offensive against counterfeiters. Because, the fake goods, mostly T-shirts, jeans and baseball caps, not only reduce the company's own sales but damage its brand image. The move began with a general change in corporate strategy whereby Calvin Klein has aggressively expanded its interests outside North America.

     There are many different types of brands. They require separate marketing support. For example, the famous fast food company, McDonald's, launched Campaign 55 to help it compete against rivals. McDonald's offered a Big Mac for 55 cents instead of $1.90. But this promotion was unpopular, because when customers were at the cash register, they found that they had to buy french fries and a drink at the full price to get the cheap burger.

     In my opinion, brands always add only value to products. That's why branded products seem to be more expensive among other ones. But, I think, we need brands, because we like to identify with it. 


№ 3 Travel. 

     Modern life is impossible without traveling. Thousands of people travel every day either on business or for pleasure. They can travel by air, by rail, by sea or by road.

     Of course, traveling by air is the fastest and the most convenient way, that's why the number of travel by plane grows today. But also increasing the number of problems with this travel. One of the biggest problems is passengers behaving badly.

     The abusive passenger is becoming a world-wide problem.

     The cause of most passenger misbehaviour is stress, according to Farrol Kahn, director of the Aviation Health Institute.

     Much of the abuse is down to alcohol. Dahlberg and Associates recently discovered that 202 out of 708 major incidents noted by a US carrier over a six-month period were alcohol - related. Seventy-four incidents were smoking-related.

     In my opinion, the cause of most passenger misbehaviour is bad education. Because if the person have a really good education, he will behave adequately in any situation. 

№ 4 Advertising. 

     It is impossible to imagine our television, newspapers, radio, Internet and even streets without advertisements. We can't imagine our life without advertising because every day we hear or see advertising. Even when we go for a walk or just shopping we see a lot of different advertisements in the streets.

     The world of outdoor advertising billboards, transport and 'street furniture' (things like bus shelters and public toilets) - is worth about $18 billion a year, just 6% of all the world's spending on advertising. But it is one of the fastest-growing segments.

     The soaring costs of TV are prompting clients to consider alternatives. Dennis Sullivan, boss of Portland Group, calls outdoor advertising the last true mass-market medium.

     Adding to its attractions has been a revolution in the quality of outdoor displays. Famous architects such as Britain's Sir Norman Foster are designing arty bus shelters and kiosks with backlit displays. Movement and sound are possible too.

     This sort of innovation has attracted a new class of advertiser.

     Particularly attractive to the new advertisers is street furniture, the fastest growing segment of the outdoor market. It accounts for some 20% in Europe and about 5% in America.

     In my opinion, advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century and we can also name our present day era "the era of advertising", because everything is advertised and everything can be found in adverts. 

№ 5 Employment. 

     I think all companies in the world have a one major problem: “How to select the best candidates—and avoid the worst?”

     Investing thousands of pounds in the recruitment and training of each new graduate recruit may be just the beginning. Choosing the wrong candidate may leave an organization paying for years to come.

     Few companies will have escaped all of the following failures: people who panic at the 1st sign of stress, people who seem incapable of learning, unstable people.

     The 1st point to bear in mind at the recruitment stage is that people don’t change. Intelligence levels decline modestly, but change little over their working life. The same is true of abilities, such as learning languages and handling numbers.

     Most people like to think that personality can change, particularly the more negative features. But date affected over 50 years gives a clear message: still stable after all these years. Of course, people can be sent on training courses, but better to select for what you actually see rather than attempt to change it.

     I think that people can change during their life. They grow up and change their world view and ideology. They get a lot of information during their life, they reed books, meet new people, go around different society. And in these circumstances people can’t stay the same during their whole life. 

№ 6 Trade. 

     Trade is an economic activity based on the circulation, purchasing and saling of the goods. Negotiation is an essential part of the every-day trades’ life.

     Negotiation can take place at any time and in any place.

     There are several definitions of negotiation. It is said to be “the process for resolving conflict between two or more parties whereby both or all modify their demands to achieve a mutually acceptable compromise”. Thus, it is “the process of changing both parties’ views of their ideal outcome into an attainable outcome”.

     The need of negotiation arises when we are not fully in control of events.

     The aim of a negotiation is to come to an agreement which is acceptable to both sides.

     I think, in spite of the existence of negotiating theories, it is frequently difficult to apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge in a practical situation. In order to be a good negotiator, one should have negotiation skills as well as a theoretical knowledge. But without a practical experience it is hard to negotiate effectively. 

№ 7 Innovation. 

     Since ancient time’s people have been inventing things that changed their life’s and made them more pleasant and comfortable.

     But only few of us know names of those who developed a first computer or produced a first hand-held electronic calculator.

     The business world is not kind to pioneers. Even if you know how a market will developed, timing is a matter of luck or of quite exceptional skill. But we can’t say that there is no role in for the great innovator with great idea. For example, the imagination of Walt Disney created a company that is still without parallel or rival.

     So we can firmly say great ideas are one of the main parts in progress of our life and it also could bring money. Great ideas are generated in different ways. Sometimes an idea may simply be when the company tries to satisfy the customers’ needs or improve its own choice to existing customers. But where exactly generate such lovely ideas?

     Of course companies of research and development are usually founded at the base of university science. These companies write business plan to raise the investments. They also find people to manage the new company and recruit a staff of scientists to work.

     And I think that great idea is only 10 percent of success and other 90% is hard working for this idea of many people. 

№ 8 Organisation. 

     Many companies are keen on the organisation of good working conditions for the employees. Good working conditions are very important and help the company to become competitive and successful in the world of business.

     Many companies throw out traditional management style in favour of people motivation and achieving the goals. For example, the key words in the Finnish cleaning company SOL are flexibility, freedom, trust, goals, responsibility, creativity, joy of working, and long life learning. Very often creativity is restricted by routine and traditional office hours. As work becomes more competitive companies need more flexible, creative and independent people. To help staff towards independence Sol-company has abolished territorial space such as individual offices and desks and organized a communal area similar to a social club.

     The motto of SOL-company is to kill routine before it kills you. Another motto is the better you think you are, the better you will become.

     And I think that companies in which people work when they like and flexibility is being strongly tested are most successful companies in the world. 

№ 9 Money. 

     Money is very important thing in our life. We need it everywhere, especially nowadays, in XXI century.

     And, of cause, money is one of the most important thing in our future profession.

     Many people with money can buy shares in the company. And they want to make a huge profit, but sometimes this idea is not so good, because boom in shares can collapsed and many investors can lost all their money. It’s a big risk, but if all will be ok, you’ll make a profit. We know a lot of sad examples from history, like “The South Sea Bubble” or “The Wall Street Crash”.

     The Wall Street Crash means the stock market crash in the United States in 1929 which was huge and it led to a severe and lasting economic crisis in the world. And then many bankers and industrialists lost their money and reputations.

     People spend money for goods and services. But the role of money depends on the state of development of economy.

     Money performs the function of exchange goods for money or money for goods. In enceinte time, people use different thing in a place of money, such as  cockleshells or small stones or animal’s skins. But it was very uncomfortable to bring these things, so people invent metal money, then paper notes and even credit card. 

№ 10 Ethics. 

     Ethics is a modern rule of behavior that should guide members of a society or organization to make them deal on a fairly with each other and with their customers.

     Ethics is a very important for the society to survive. Every man has this own standard methods of ethics, but a company must have its ethics code written and communicated to all employees and partners.

     Business companies are part of society and they should reflect society’s standards. They have responsibilities in the society and should try to have a positive influence.

     That is why the purpose of business is not only to make money but also to be useful to the society and to have social responsibilities.

     Companies are always very sensitive if their integrity is questioned, because it damages their image and reputation.

     And I think that, Ethics is very important for world of business, and if a company not ethical, it will not survive as a company.

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