Marketing research of international market of fitness

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Health, beauty and good mood is something that can not be bought at any price, but only can be create it self. In an effort to become a better sport helps a lot of people. On the shelves of the shops are more and more products with the words "do not contain GMOs", "fitness", etc. A healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity, media coverage, and becomes more and more attractive. Fitness involved many people who care about their own future, they want in 60 and 80 to be active and healthy.


Introduction 3
History of fitness in the world and Russia 3
General characteristics and structure of a specific international market 6
Definition and classification of Russian and Western fitness centers 7
The concept of "chain of fitness clubs" 11
The content of fitness clubs: trainers, group programs, additional services. 12
Ways to attract customers. 18
Conclusion. 20
References: 22
Appendix 23