Life of Diana Frances Spencer

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The second chapter has very complex structure of four paragraphs as it concerns that tragic event which still after more than eleven years has no clear explanation and lots of mystery around – car crush on 30 August 1997 that cut Lady Di's life short. The first paragraph gives brief overview of those fatal events. When Diana, Princess of Wales tragically died in that senseless accident, the world lost one of the most important and respected public figures in the world. So, in the second paragraph public mourning is depicted. The third paragraph deals with those conspiracy theories that arose right after Diana's death. And the last fourth paragraph rises the questions that were under discussion during the inquest of this case.


Introduction 3
Chapter 1. Life of Diana Frances Spencer 6
1.1 Сhildhood and teenage years 6
1.2 Education 7
1.3 Marriage: engagement, wedding and divorce 8
Chapter 2. Death of Diana, Princess of Wales 12
2.1 Circumstances of the car crush 12
2.2 Funeral and public reaction 14
2.3 Conspiracy theories 17
2.4 2007 inquest 19
Chapter 3. Princess Diana in public 22
3.1 Charity work, AIDS awareness 22
3.2 Landmines conclusion 26
3.3 Legacy 27
Chapter 4. Diana, Princess of Wales as a symbol of British culture 29
4.1 Diana in Contemporary Art 29
4.2 The Queen of Hearts – Diana, Princess of Wales 31
Conclusion 34
Bibliography 36
Appendix 39

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