East Kazakhstan Area

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Number of the unemployed according to single inspection of employment of the population in the III quarter 2011 made 38,2 thousand people. The unemployment rate reached 5,1 % to number of economically active population. The monthly average nominal salary is76752 tenges

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East Kazakhstan Area


Prepared by:

 Uksukbaev Berik

Ermekov Zhanibek

Kim Vitalii

Aiginin Eldar

Zhumagulov Toktamys Kadoshevich


  • The head of department of RK Agency for public service on EKA - the chairman of the Disciplinary council since May, 2011



  • The share of VRP of area in gross domestic product of the republic made 5,6 %. In VRP structure the share of production of the goods reached 40,4 %, services of 59,6 %.



  • Number of the unemployed according to single inspection of employment of the population in the III quarter 2011 made 38,2 thousand people. The unemployment rate reached 5,1 % to number of economically active population. The monthly average nominal salary is76752 tenges.



  • The financial result of large and medium-sized enterprises and the organizations for September, 2011 developed in the form of profit of 11357,7 million tenges, in the similar period of 2010 the profit of 9382,7 million tenges was got.



  • Industrial output in 2011 made 652,7 billion tenge that for 9,1 % more than in January-October, 2010. Decrease is noted in the mining industry and development of pits (for 0,6 %). From republican industrial output only East Kazakhstan made 5,6 percent of production.



  • For the first half of the year production of meat increased in the region for 3,8 percent, and milk – for 1, 4 percent. On specific weight of processing of milk East Kazakhstan Area wins first place, meat – the third place.



  • The prices for foodstuff increased by 8,1 %, nonfoods for 4,3 %, paid services for 5,3 %. The prices of the manufacturing enterprises of an industrial output in October, 2011 in comparison with December, 2010 raised for 6,0 %.

"Development of regions"


  • The resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from July 26, 2011 accepted the Program "Development of regions".

Program purpose


  •  The solution of actual social and economic problems of regions on prospect
  • Priorities in financial support
  • Priorities in financial support a PIP, realized in fast-growing and perspective regions

Program tasks:


  •  Identification of system problems and the factors limiting social and economic development of regions and development of the effective mechanism of actions of local executive bodies for their elimination.

• Development and support of the cities and large villages with high potential of development.

• Financial support of regions for increase of their competitiveness and the rational spatial organization of economic potential and population moving.

State authority and the organizations, responsible  for achievement of the purposes, target  indicators, tasks and indicators of results


  • Management of economy and budgetary planning;
  • Management of passenger transport and highways;
  • Energy division and municipal services; Agriculture management;
  • Health care management;



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